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UPDATED INFO (December 2013) at my new website: www.whitebaysydney.com

My blog about the difficulties getting to White Bay has been by far the most popular – by a couple of thousand views. I thought somebody might’ve been entrepreneurial enough to start a shuttle from Central to the new cruise terminal by now; alas, no. It doesn’t exist. Come ON! Somebody do it!

Meanwhile, I have managed to track down some small companies that offer coach or mini-bus transfers from other parts of the state, so if you live outside the city, you might be lucky. For other people arriving by train, then a taxi is your only reasonable option. But you can read all about the White Bay train, taxi, bus, light rail and long-term parking in my other post.

These are transfers to White Bay Cruise Terminal that I have found… Just to be clear, these are NOT shuttles where you can rock up and buy one or two tickets. You have to book out the whole vehicle, whether it’s a car or a bus. NOBODY is doing shuttles to White Bay from anywhere, except for P&O from the domestic airport. You can book directly through P&O for $22 each.

None. Zero. Unbelievably nothing. Get a taxi (approximately $25). No buses go from Central to White Bay.

See above. Nothing. The cheapest taxi from the city train station is Town Hall. I paid $19 near the corner of Druitt St (because that’s where the traffic is moving in the right direction, straight over Anzac Bridge).

Sydney City Shuttle has coaches, mini-buses and cars to take you door-to-door if you live within the area on this map. Penrith, Richmond, Blacktown, Parramatta, Dural, Horsely Park, Castle Hill, Rouse Hill, Kellyville, Kurrajong, Wetherill Park, St Marys – you’re all good. They have 13-seater, 7-seater and 4-seater vehicles, so handy for families or small groups of friends travelling together. Call 0404 694 577 and tell them you found them on CruiseyLife.com :)

Prestige also offers an exclusive service from The Hills and North West, which means your group must book out the whole bus. Phone 02 9654 3330 and tell them you found them on CruiseyLife.com.

The Shire Shuttle Bus has a bus for hire or up to 37 passengers on cruise days. Phone 1300 857 589 and tell them you found them on CruiseyLife.com.

By the Sea Luxury Cars has a door-to-door service in late-model vehicles to White Bay. Extras include child booster seats, trailer for excess luggage, and individual pick-ups for your travel group. Please tell them you found them on CruiseyLife.com.

Southern Cross Truck & Bus Driver Hire provides a door to door service to White Bay Cruise terminal.
– Luggage trailer included
– Booster seats available
– No toll charge
Call (02) 4647 1877 and tell them you found them on CruiseyLife.com.

I haven’t tested any of these options myself, so please make a comment below if you’ve used them. Good and bad feedback encouraged. Thank you, cruisers.

Together, we’ll find the way to White Bay!

– By Louise Goldsbury

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5 responses to WHITE BAY…THE RIGHT WAY

  1. I know this is an old post, but here’s another update. P&O now offer a shuttle TO Central Station at the end of the cruise at a cost of $12/person, BUT you have to book it on the first night of your cruise and they put it straight on your account. We, being 4 newbies, did so thinking it would take all the stress out of our disembarkation and it went really smoothly. The only bummer was when we got off the ship and saw the long line of taxis waiting and realised that our bus was costing us twice what it cost to get a cab to White Bay in the first place. Something to remember for next time :-/

    • Thanks Mel! I have that info in my other post, but you’re right, I should add it in here too. You can check out all the White Bay info, including P&O shuttle at: http://the.cruiseylife.com/white-bay-wrong-way/

      I assume you mean, the 4 x buses cost more than a cab FROM White Bay to Central. Very true! I booked the after-cruise transfer to Central last time (travelling solo). For one person, definitely is cheaper. For two people, it depends on traffic if it’s cheaper. Three or four people – get a cab :)

  2. There is some great info on your blog Louise, thanks. We have about four months before our Holland America cruise from White Bay and we are working on how to get there from the Darling Downs in Queensland. Just making it to the ship is a big adventure in itself. If we discover other transport options other than those mentioned, we will share it with you. Thanks again.

    • How did you go Karl? Found the ship yet?

      • We are still counting down. 33 days to go. We will be spending the weekend in the middle of Sydney before departure Sunday arvo and have decided just to go with a taxi from our hotel. This is our second cruise, our first being a P&O 7 day cruise last March. We are really excited about Holland America. P&O was a great way to experience cruising for the first time although it did feel like we were in an floating RSL or Football club for the week. This HA cruise is 14 days and this time we aren’t taking our teenager. It’s just the two of us. We have pre booked and paid for all of our shore tours spa treatments and restaurants. Nothing to do except enjoy ourselves.

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