The most annoying things on a cruise

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I love a good survey of cruise passenger complaints. This latest research reveals what makes cruisers “lose their ship”, shall we say!

1,738 people were asked by Bon Voyage what annoyed them the most when they were cruising, and there were some varied responses that came in.

Topping the list, 38% of respondents said they were bothered by other passengers’ endless and inane chatter. Ha!

This was followed closely by 17% of cruisers feeling that their personal space was too often compromised by other passengers. The third top response (22%) was drunken behaviour, which included fighting, loud arguments and shouting in the corridors. I can’t say I’ve ever seen that (but have certainly heard a few snappy, impatient comments between couples).

14% answered that they found the long queues for food and activities generally very frustrating. The majority of this was due to other passengers being indecisive however, and not the fault of the cruise line.

Finally, 11% vented their anger at the amount of young children on board who irritated them.

There were also a number of responses and complaints that didn’t fit in with the rest – the more obscure and weird. For example, there was an elderly couple who decided cruising wasn’t their cup of tea after being placed in a haunted cabin. And a man on a Mediterranean cruise didn’t manage to get much sleep due to the louder than usual “if the cabin’s rockin’, don’t come knockin'” sounds next door…every night…on a three-week trip.

The good news is though that 94% of those who took part in the survey responded that even though they found these little things annoying, they enjoyed the overall experience of cruising and would consider another in future.

What’s the most annoying thing for you? I would vote for the waiting time to get off a big ship, especially when booked on a shore excursion. And the early morning wake-up call on the last day, kicking you out of the cabin before 8am!!!

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5 responses to The most annoying things on a cruise

  1. Some folks no matter what instructions cannot follow them!

  2. My pet hate is Children running amuck and parents not looking after them. We had Ugly Dave Gray on one of our cruises and of course the show was advertised as 18+ adults only, it had to be cancelled because parents bought their children to the show and wouldn’t leave. So we had a “G” rated comedy, very very hard for Ugly Dave Grey to do and he was not happy :(

    • Cruisey Life does NOT like censored!!!

    • Horst Heidler at 8:24 pm

      What they should have done was put the children in a designated area that has kid friendly entertainment and they’re not allowed to come out until the end of Ugly Dave Gray’s 18+ adults only comedy show. I’ve been a fan of his for as long as I can remember ( I’m 43 this month ). Sharon

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