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It was midnight at the jacuzzi…as all good stories begin…and I snuck in, ignoring the closed sign, with my friend. The ship was crossing between Australia and New Zealand, a typically windy stretch of sea, and I was carrying a bottle of wine and two glasses. I placed them down on the side of the hot tub as I climbed in, when suddenly a gust of wind blew them into the water! We rescued the wine and one glass but couldn’t find the other one. That’s when things got much, much worse….

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In the online spirit of over-sharing, I will divulge the disgraceful and spread the scandalous at sea. But no names – it’s all anonymous fun. So sign up with your email address to read all about it!


Gossip to come:
1. Lured astray by the Captain.
2. The secret life of “hostitutes”.
3. In hot water in a hot tub with a priest.
And much, much more…

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