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Last night, in an ad break during the Oscars, Royal Caribbean announced its latest godmother for its new ship. Apart from the fact I hate the name Quantum of the Seas (seriously, could there be a more boring word for your holiday destination than a physics term??), I also have no idea who Kristin Chenoweth is. A search on Google reveals she starred as a witch in the Wicked musical.

It reminded me of some wicked gossip I once heard about another ship’s godmother. Apparently, she enjoyed herself very much on the christening cruise, as did all the gentlemen she is said to have entertained in her cabin each night…

One other naughty godmother story comes from the host of a morning show in Australia. Celebrating the naming of Avalon Waterways’ Panorama in 2011, she and her ex-Wallaby husband retired to their suite but left the lights on and the curtains open. A ship passed in the night, at an inappropriate moment, and no doubt the crew copped quite a view!

– By Louise Goldsbury

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