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A “hostitute” is a saucy, scandalous combination of a dance host and a prostitute. Now, I am not saying such people exist on cruise ships. Someone else told me that.

I was on a private tour around a rather nice ship. Let’s just say it wasn’t cheap. But some of the employees may be… The cruise line person (I won’t elaborate) got talking about the over-friendliness of some dance hosts (who are employed to dance with solo passengers, or women whose husbands avoid the dancefloor).

“How friendly are we talking?” I asked.
“Well, we have a name for a couple of them…hostitutes.”
Whoa. What?
“You mean they….?”
He just gave me a big grin and said no more. I think he suddenly remembered I’m a journalist.

Later, I had a good long chat with a dance host (on another cruise line) and he assured me there was no onboard rumpy pumpy. Rules are very, very strict – even about how often you can waltz with one woman. However, he said it was OK to meet up with a lady after the cruise – and he’d had quite a few invitations for a little post-dance horizontal-romance…

But this was different to the concept of sex on the ship (great name for a cocktail, don’t you think?) If the cabin’s rockin’, don’t come knockin’?

Now, someone out there knows more than me. Does it happen? And if it does, surely passengers don’t PAY?

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  1. I can assure you it happens I was on a small cruise boat in Fiji where a dashing cruise director decided I would be his constant dance partner ,I didn’t have to pay but he assured me the “best” dancers were brides on their honeymoons .

    • Wait, what! These new brides are dancing “off dancefloor” with the crew? On their honeymoon??
      So Sarah, was the Fijian a good dancer? :-)

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