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I met an Australian woman who was surprised to discover she had bought some very expensive diamonds on an Alaskan cruise.
“Do you remember what you did last night?” her friend asked her.
“Uhhh, when?”
“You bought those diamond earrings.”
“From the diamond salesman we met on the ship. You were pretty drunk and you started bargaining with him,” her friends said.
“Look in your pocket.”
The woman, wearing the same jacket as the night before, reached into her pocket to find a pair of spectacular, sparkly, blinding diamond earrings.
“Oh my god, my husband will kill me!” she shrieked. Then she paused…. “Did I at least get a good price?”

Moral of the story: Some luxury cruise ships have private diamond showrooms and diamond parties hosted by charming salesmen. Free champagne is served. You’ve been warned!

Louise Goldsbury

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In 2013 I was named Best Travel Writer at the National Travel Industry Awards. And until someone corrects me, I'm claiming to be the youngest cruise editor in the Southern Hemisphere. Editor of Cruise Weekly since 2009, I also contribute to Sydney's Sun Herald newspaper and various travel magazines and websites.

6 responses to DRINK AND DIAMONDS

  1. Hmmm. Spas can be just as dangerous. I think those jars are filled with ground diamonds. A certain someone’s spouse managed to run up four figures on a single spa visit. No champagne involved and no ports renamed. True, sad story.

  2. Ha Ha! That is soooo Funny – the best thing is I happen to know this Lady & it is a True Story!!!

    • Hi Janise! I wondered if you’d show up! I think the story sounded much better over a glass of champagne, haven’t done it justice! It was great to meet you and your friends.

  3. You do have to be very carefuil, I came off a seven day cruise with six bags of tupperware – can’t remember a thing about the transaction.

    • What?!! Are you kidding?? That is hilarious, Bev! Maybe you stole it from the galley….

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