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Last night, Australian TV (One HD) screened a documentary about the sinking of the Costa Concordia in 2012. While I posted my reactions on Twitter, I found a song about it. Yep, that’s right, a song. “Was He Thinking?” by Kenny Giordano. Pure gold.

As broadcast in the program last night, the Italian Coast Guard absolutely gives it to the Captain, Franceso Schettino, in a furious phone call.
“It’s dark and you want to go home, Schettino?? Get back onboard, damn it! I’m in charge now!”

After the accident “Get back on board, damn it!” became a catch phrase in Italy and appeared printed on t-shirts.

Because of some frankly stupid and criminal mistakes, as well as gaping holes in safety, 32 people died. Last week, four senior crew members and a company official were sentenced to 18-34 months for multiple manslaughter, negligence and shipwreck. None of them are likely to be jailed as the sentences were either suspended or replaced with house arrest or community service.

The captain remains on trial and is seeking a plea bargain to reduce possible jail time. He is accused of abandoning ship before all crew and passengers had been rescued.

I’ve heard other captains say some very unpleasant things about the man (off the record, sorry). He certainly won’t ever be let on a cruise ship again.

Louise Goldsbury

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