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It was midnight at the jacuzzi…as all good stories begin…and I snuck in, ignoring the closed sign, with my friend. The ship was crossing between Australia and New Zealand, a typically windy stretch of sea, and I was carrying a bottle of champagne and two glasses. I placed them down on the side of the hot tub as I climbed in, when suddenly a gust of wind blew them into the water! We rescued the wine and one glass but couldn’t find the other one in the darkness. Finally we gave up searching and decided maybe this wasn’t such a good idea… Plus we only had one glass. So we left.

This is me, in Antarctica, when I followed the rules: daylight, no drinking!

This is me, in Antarctica, when I followed the rules: daylight, no drinking!

In the morning I woke up in one of those “something bad happened last night” moments. Ahhh yes, the missing glass is still in the spa where people will be stepping into today! I raced down to the pool deck but I was too late. A man was already sitting in there. Carefully, I joined him and tried to casually spot the underwater flute of danger.

“Watch out,” he says. “I cut my foot on some broken glass in here – there might be more.” Argh.
“Oh no! Really? Wow. Thank you,” I mumble.
“I guess someone had a good time in here last night,” he says, “but they didn’t think of others.”
“Hmmmmm, yeah that’s terrible. Very selfish. So dangerous.”
I just can’t bring myself to admit it was me.

We keep chatting and it turns out he’s a priest from Singapore. Great. Nice one. I CUT a PRIEST and now I’ve LIED to him!!! I’m going straight to hell.

A few crew members arrive and then we are all searching for the chards of glass. I feel like the arsonist who turns up to watch the destruction of his own fire, or the kidnapper who helps police search for the lost child he’s got hidden in the basement.

The crew decide it is safest to drain the hot tub to make sure the hazard is totally gone, which means it’s closed for the next few hours and nobody can use it on this beautiful day at sea. I am a bad, BAD person.


Moral of the story: stay out of the hot tubs after hours, and don’t drink and spa!

Anyone else got a cruise confession they’d care to share? Email me via the Contact box on this page. We can keep it anonymous, I promise, unless you’d like to publish your name with it…

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  1. I have a story, but its kind of R to X rated! It might be too much even for your blog! I have lots of stories over my 40 + years of cruising.

  2. I’m jealous! I wish I was the friend in the hot tub. Have a good flight home Louise.

  3. Moral of the story: PLASTIC CHAMPAGNE FLUTES! Keep on hot tubbin’ with bubbles after hours, @cruiseylife :)

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