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A fellow cruise blogger at, heading to West Africa next month, has received a letter from the Captain about pirate attacks. It attempts to reassure passengers of their safety, then mentions wrapping the ship in razor wire (no joke) and other secret measures they can’t tell you.

Here’s an excerpt:

February 28, 2013

A message from your Captain

Dear G Adventures traveller(s),

I am very much looking forward to welcoming you on board the MS Expedition [pictured below] for our inaugural trip up the West Coast of Africa.

At this point, I wanted to introduce myself, and few things about the vessel. I am Captain William Bennett, and I have the privilege of guiding the MS Expedition on her journey.

One of the most common questions G Adventures has received in the booking process for this trip has been in regard to the safety of the vessel, and the safety and security of the travellers (and staff). I am here to reassure you all reasonable measures have been put in place, and I would like to outline a few of those.

Largely, the concerns come to us as a result of reports of piracy in some of the waters of West Africa. These piracy events have in the vast majority of cases been focused on oil tankers. There have been no reports of passenger ships having been involved. G Adventures have considered all the factors, and although obviously not the safest part of the world, we feel the risks (and rewards of travelling in this part of the world) are manageable.

That said, we have taken some additional measures to ensure safety. Some examples are razor wire that will be deployed at certain points around the vessel. Another is the physical presence of a security team onboard. Both of these are to discourage, and further, repel, attempted threats. I cannot provide too many details here – that will be done onboard. We will introduce you to the crew, staff and the security team. We will also be involving you in some drills, both safety and security drills.

There are, of course, many other safety and security measures that we have in place. You will not be able to see them all, and we cannot tell you them all, but I can reassure you they are in place.

Yours Sincerely,
Captain William Bennett.

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