Beware the buffet – where everyone has knives!

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The cruise ship buffet is a hotbed of pissed off passengers, according to Cruisey Life’s Facebook family and subscribers. We asked what annoys them most on cruises – turns out it’s other cruise passengers!

These were some of the best answers.

“People lining up at the buffet without sanitizing their hands” – Brett Hawker

“People in the buffet touching the food then putting it back!” – Deborah Howard

“People that cook 18 freaking slices of toast” – Jen Bailey

“People at the buffet pushing in as if they haven’t had a feed” – Wayne Newtown

“People at the buffet that act like they haven’t eaten for 6 months” – agrees Carolyn Lightbody

“People who smoke on the wrong side of the ship!” – Tracy Mills

“People who whinge about the weather, it’s not as if it’s planned that way” – Vicki McInnes Macey

“Not looking after your children – letting them run amok!!” – Billy Jo

“Parents who attend an adults-only comedy show with children, then won’t leave when told to do so. We had to have a “G” rated comedy show, not happy!!” – Billy Jo

“Some folks, no matter what instructions, cannot follow them!” – Jerry Robbins

But ultimately, Geoff King has the right idea: “The only thing that bothers me is other passengers that openly whinge about minor examples of the things covered on your list. Nothing better for sucking the festive mood out of a holiday.”

Let’s keep adding to this list – comment below!

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14 responses to Beware the buffet – where everyone has knives!

  1. Beware the buffet.!

  2. Ha, funny comments.
    Having just stepped off the Celebrity Solstice (or should I say rolled off) on Sunday morning I would have to agree about the issues concerning the buffet, but my gripe is with the older people (women usually) who simply cannot wait another second for their tea or coffee (self-serve) so despite the orderly queue of British and Australians all waiting for a nice hot beverage, they push in front pretending they are just going to the side of you to get their “carrrfeee”.
    I had a barrel load of smart comments to say at the time, but usually just muttered them to myself, knowing (and hoping) that our paths would never cross again.

    It won’t stop me cruising though…

  3. Louisa Willard at 2:51 pm

    I am annoyed to see people ordering 3 or 4 mains just so they can try them all, that is so wasteful and just because you have a room attendant doesn’t mean you should leave your room looking like a cyclones hit it.

    • I have to admit I am messy but sometimes I put on the “Do No Disturb” sign so the housekeeping staff don’t have to deal with it!

  4. People who insist on squeezing themselves into the lift when obviously isn’t enough room for another body!

  5. John Alwyn-Jones at 1:40 pm

    Buffets can be a nightmarre, with on some ships passengers pushing, shoving and pigging out! Some passengers also seem to to lose their vision, plate in hand, focussing way beyond passengers around them and on the next piece of food, bumping into everyone. Also buffets can be dodgy health-wise sometimes, if the food has not been kept hot enough or cold enough – my tip never eat the food on the top, always go to the bottom!

  6. People going on and on about gratuities/tips. It has always been part of the cruise culture throughout the world. They want the service from everyone and that is after withdrawing their gratuities why !

    • Good one Alan! Yes, the people (dare I say it is often my fellow Australians) remove the tipping but expect the best service!

  7. Older passengers that think it is their god given right to turn up at a performance just as it is starting and demanding your chair that you have been sitting on for the past 30 mins as you knew it would be popular….repeatedly happened on our last cruise, with one elderly lady banging her walking stick on my chair….I have respect for the elderly, but they seemed to have no respect for us..We also paid our fare and are entitled to view the performance…that’s my gripe!

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