Archives For March 2014

What Happens If You Die On A Cruise
Let’s hope we don’t ever find out for ourselves!

How to Avoid Boring, Rude or Creepy Cruise Passengers
I type with my tongue firmly in cheek. And yet, my tips are quite useful!

Penguin Porn
The “ins and outs” of penguins mating in Antarctica.

Led Astray by the Captain
When a (married) captain took me back to his quarters…

The most annoying things about cruising
As voted by Cruisey Life subscribers.

Confessions From the Hot Tub
The one about the time I cut a priest in the Jacuzzi. Yeah, that one.

Drugs on a River Cruise??
An interesting offer in Amsterdam. Somehow this story won me a national award.

Worst Cruise Ads Ever
The “pointless point”, anyone?

Dance hosts: hostitutes?
Do cruise ship dance hosts do more than dance with female guests?

Pier Runners
Watching people almost miss the ship – my favourite spectator sport.

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