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Last night, Royal Caribbean announced its latest godmother for its new ship. Apart from the fact I hate the name Quantum of the Seas (seriously, could there be a more boring word for your holiday destination than a physics term??), I also have no idea who Kristin Chenoweth is…

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We don’t like under-fives [kids]. So we charge double for them.

Jackie Charlton, Captain Cook Cruises Fiji’s Managing Director, launching a new itinerary last night.

First up, let me declare, I’m not going to bore you to tears with the usual crap you read about cruising. I will take you below deck, getting the goss from crew and passengers, to show you what it’s really like at sea (or river). The Cruisey Life: Uncensored.

My mantra is “what happens onboard stays online”. That means I can be my cheeky self; audaciously honest. And I’m not afraid to blog it.

So, step aboard the Goodship Goldsbury as we sail toward The Cruisey Life…

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What happens onboard stays online.

Louise Goldsbury, attempting to coin a phrase.

Looks like Canterbury Leagues Club.

My mum, boarding one of the world’s most luxurious ships.

In the online spirit of over-sharing, I will divulge the disgraceful and spread the scandalous at sea. But no names – it’s all anonymous fun. So sign up with your email address to read all about it!


Gossip to come:
1. Lured astray by the Captain.
2. The secret life of “hostitutes”.
3. In hot water in a hot tub with a priest.
And much, much more…

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On our best day, we had 1,200 people participate in a charity walk onboard…on a ‘clothing optional’ cruise.

Captain van der Loo, Holland America Line’s Oosterdam

Oh, you’re one of those people. Never been on a cruise and never would. Never been on a cruise but have a strong opinion about it. Never been on a cruise but somehow you’re sure it’s not for you. Your friend told you about their P&O holiday. You watched The Love Boat. You just know. Oh, really??

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